Thursday, May 8, 2014

- deepest sorry from me -

It a fitrah to make a mistake.
I admit that im always make a mistakes in my life.
Who am i not doing any mistake?
I'm not an angel.
I'm just a common girls full with mistake.
Some time i learn from my mistake,
and some time im just ignore it.
Let it be till im aware of it.

To people out there:
Sorry for what i did to all of you.
Maybe my action or words are to harsh.
I'm sorry. 
Really sorry.
Sorry for kept repeating my mistake.
Sometime i don't know what i saying.
what im writing. 
and what i hd been thinking of you guys.
Sorry again..

Friday, April 18, 2014

simply forgive and forget.

I'm just figure out that it was hard to understand people around us.
Even I'm personally not really understand my own feeling, my own desire and of course my self.
Oh Allah, please give me your strength. I really mean it Ya Rabb.

Hello there. It takes a long time for me to write this entry actually.
Oh yeah,dah lama tak berblog kan. I really miss nak mereyap kat blog org lain!
Nak comment and semestinya nak berukhwafillah dengan blogger lain!
And yes, I'm back buddies. And of course ada benda nak sharee!

One thing that i realize now, put a trust on someone is really really really bad.
Somehow it depends on us how we actually work on it. To me, it turn bad now.
Friendship that was build almost 4 years ago, make me think twice to trust some of my friends now.
Sometimes they pretends to be nice infront of us, but back then they spreads some rumors abt us.
Oh myyyy. Marahhhh + sedihhh nyeee sayaaa! T_T
It hurt me so much, but deep down in my heart, i still love them.
Ada terfikir nak marah sampai kiamattt, tapi hati ni tak rela.
Deep inside my heart ada banyak goodness yang dyeorg buat terkesan dihati.
That the reason why i love all my friends. Some of them will tegur me what i did wrong.
and some others just let it be. But it ok. Adat bersahabat kan.
Now im prefer to just forgive n forget what they did to me.
And tipula if i said that saya lupa semuanya. Sometime teringat jugak.
Human kan. Tapi what make me kuat atasi semua is doa.
I'm always doa moga saya nampak segala kebaikan sahabatku .
and Allah lindung diri ini dari kejahatan  n kedengkian y terbuku dihati sahabatku.
And yes, now i will always remind my self that, don't put 100% trust on sahabat!
It will break my heart when i do so..

Oh, got to go. My ODE are waitinggg..
Salam sayang buat SAHABAT baru & lama.
May Allah bless us till jannah. Amin  :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wordless Wednesday 30